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Event Production

  • Creation & organization of special events

  • Development of the event concept

  • Negotiation of all types of locations and according to the focus of the event with the best recommendation according to target group, capacity and concept

  • Box office collection

  • Hiring of media suitable for the project: TV, Radio, Press.

  • Legal: Contracts with locations, artists and suppliers.

  • Advertising design of communication pieces.

  • Negotiation with governmental and non-governmental entities

  • Recruitment :

    • National and international artists

    • Supervisors, assembly and disassembly

    • Entertainers, DJs, models, hostesses and promoters, chefs, saloners, telemarketing - Call center

    • Other contracts: Stage, roundabouts, shopping centers, stands, lights, screens, sound, peripherals, catering, flyers

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